Tuesday, December 13, 2011


A friend of mine sent me this picture of my blog that he created with a tag cloud generator. I felt pretty happy about it because, for the most part, it seems to indicate that I’ve been talking about the things that I think are important (the bigger the word, the more often it’s been mentioned in the blog).

I had a spirited discussion this morning with some friends (some would have seen it as an argument, but only those who haven’t been around us enough to know that heightened intensity levels are kind of normal for us). The topic on the table was, essentially, is this new philosophy on food true...as a matter of fact and beyond my simple opinion...is it true. Is it factually accurate that living this way and eating this way (healthy and sustainable) is better than the alternative. Is it incontrovertible that unimpeded participation in the American food system is bad. And beyond all of this, is it really what God desires of us, or is it a disputable matter.

While the answers aren’t easy, I continue to believe that the answers to all of those questions is yes. It is better to live this way, the food system is bad and I believe that this is what God desires of us...particularly those of us who have been given the knowledge to make informed choices. That is to say that there are loads of people who have no paradigm for anything different than what they’ve been living for their entire lives. It can’t be held against them, then, that they are unaware of the implications of their involvement. They are also unaware of alternatives. But for those who have access to the knowledge, I believe the answers are clear. That doesn’t make it easy.

As people have been asking me about this shift in lifestyle (and again let me remind you that I am far from a poster-boy for the sustainable food movement...I’m still working it all out and fail regularly) I find the one’s that seem to have the greatest problem with it are the ones that feel deep conflict about it inside of them. In other words, they know that there is some truth to the idea, but it’s a tough pill to swallow. Again, I’ve been there. All 260 lbs of me. The reality is the system isn’t working for people. The health of the country is degrading rapidly. This, I believe, is what happens anytime the Lord begins to ask for difficult, sacrificial change in people’s lives. The first reaction is often defensiveness because we know what’s coming (that at least has been my reaction). The second is often helpless confusion because we don’t know where to start. Welcome to my world.

At the beginning of this project, in my very first blog, I promised not to judge. It is not for me to tell people how to live or what habits they need to change. The only responsibility I have is to live as I feel led to live and let that speak for itself. When this causes people to ask questions (which has happened a lot lately), I have an opportunity to share some of the knowledge that I am gaining in this most recent season of my life. If that knowledge or the weight of the decisions I make stirs something up inside of people then I feel like there is something far greater going on...and that doesn’t suck.

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  1. I have seen glimpses of the heightened intensity "non arguments". Woah! Can definitely feel the spiritedness and it can make me feel a little uncomfortable. I just hide behind someone and listen, sometimes trembling. Very intriguing reading! Keep sharing!