Friday, December 9, 2011

Two Weeks

Well here we are nearing the end of week two, and I can tell you two things with certainty. The first is that my excitement is waning. While I haven’t had any fast-food burgers or pizza in the last couple of weeks, I am missing some of the ease and variety that was readily available in my previous culinary life. The second thing I’m sure of is that this is making me better. I’m feeling better (a 24 hour flu bug notwithstanding), sleeping better and am in a generally sunnier disposition. Plus, my wife is brining an organic chicken for dinner tonight, so I pretty excited about that.

While it is beginning to feel a bit monotonous, I am choosing to believe that if I keep pushing through, the fruit will come. It could be that I’ve been conditioned to think that food must be exciting and filled with variety, when in fact it was only intended to be a means for survival on the most basic level. I’ve been living to eat instead of eating to live. It requires much more energy in every conceivable way to eat this way, from planning to shopping to cooking. I’m still committed, but I can tell that to sustain this for the long haul, I’m going to need some help...not sure what form that will take yet.

Indulgent living is living in opposition to God. Therefore it would seem that sacrificial living would be living in alignment with God. One of the things I’ve been reflecting on recently is the idea of sacrificial living. If I’m honest, I’m not really sacrificing anything with my food choices. I’m still eating very well. In fact, financially, I’m spending more on food not then I did before because it costs so much more in America to eat sustainably. So even the fact that I am able to engage in this lifestyle is an indication of my affluence.
So what am I sacrificing? Where in my life is that showing up and where should it be showing up more. I find there is an inherent sense of Godly responsibility that is cultivated and encouraged by the food choices I’m making. Everything is connected to everything, and so by eating (more) sustainably, I am forced to look at the sustainability in other areas of life, from driving to shopping to the amount of waste our household produces. It’s a never ending balancing act. I wonder what other sorts of changes this is going to require...

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