Wednesday, December 7, 2011


How far can we go before we’re weird? That’s my wife’s biggest concern with our new lifestyle. That we are becoming those weird people that everyone talks about. That doesn’t concern me quite as much. Partly because I’m a lot weirder than she is to begin with, so she has farther to fall. Also, I’ve owned a scooter now for about 8 months and learned to deal well with being the butt of many a joke (none of you jokesters are scoring 95 mpg, though...are you? ...Laughing all the way to the bank.).

If I care what people think, it seems like I’ve already lost the battle. Being counter-cultural is OK, isn’t it? If the goal is to live like Jesus (and it is, though my propensity to sabotage that endeavor is great) then shouldn't we be way more counter-cultural than we are? No number of chickens or goats living in my backyard are going to put me on that level of weirdness and public ridicule. Jesus was flying in the face of cultural norms for His whole life...and yet American christians tend to ride the current of culture from a comfortable chair right smack in the middle of it. When do people mock us or bristle at how different we are? When do friends and family take note of the choices that we make. Do people see sacrifice in the way we live our lives? These are things that we (I) should strive for, not back away from.

Be many social activists do you know who are way weirder than you? Most of the one’s that I know don’t even profess to have a relationship with Jesus, in part because then see the apathy and indulgence in the lifestyle of some of His followers and want no part of it. They see the need to choose responsibly and the damage that selfish living can cause. I contend that if these folks knew Jesus’ heart, they would love him deeply. I also contend spending more time hanging out with them will teach me a great deal about Jesus.

It’s sort of like putting a frog into a pot of boiling water. If you just plop him into already hot water, he’ll jump out. But, if you place him in cool water and turn up the heat, he’ll never realize what’s happening until it’s too late (this is all here-say, mind you. I’ve never boiled a frog). We’re plopped down in this culture and we never even realize that the heat is being turned up. Things are changing and we’re changing with them. If you follow Jesus and you aren’t counter-cultural, there is a problem. Until enough people choose to opt-out and live differently the cultural wave will continue to overpower.

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  1. Enjoying reading this new blog Brian. Some great thoughts I'm pondering.