Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome Back...about feakin' time

It's been a while. Like, months. As with so many other things in my life, my commitment has waned. Both in writing this blog, but also in the eating disciplines I was so actively pursuing. It's so easy to get sidetracked. The reason I'm back, if I'm honest, is because I underestimated the level of accountability writing this blog offered me. When I was writing regularly about the virtues of eating healthy, natural foods...i found it much more difficult to down a large order of onion rings for lunch (like I did today). I may be a hypocrite, but even I have my limits. Some things remain true. When I eat poorly, I feel like crap. When I feel like crap, I'm not that much fun to be around. When I'm not that much fun to be around, I go into a bit of isolation. When I'm in isolation, I eat like crap...and we're off.

Another thing I've learned (or rather, been reminded of) is that eating out is not helpful. I love to eat out. I love the social aspect of it. Truthfully, I would probably have just as much fun I was just sipping a Coke  (I know, I know...processed food alert. Right now, I'm seriously over it) while everyone else was eating. When you eat out, you eat more food and you eat less-healthy food. There are multiple studies to back this up, as well as my own experiences over the last two months. Bring a lunch, bonehead (me...not you).

When I began this blog a few months back, I promised to be honest when I ate a burger or pizza or whatever. Neither you or I have time for that right now, because the list is long. It's not that I've abandoned eating healthy...the gray areas have just gotten a lot bigger. I want that to change.
I was feeling the burden to wrench myself back on track so much that I began fasting this week. Often times I find that the discipline of fasting brings me much nearer to the heart of God, and that, in turn, has a positive impact on my behavior. So, I thought fasting would be helpful to try and restore some sense of balance and health. I quit a day-and-a-half into it. I've been feeling the burn of failure a lot lately.

So, my friends, please forgive me. I lied and cheated. And I hid...I think I've been avoiding this blog because I wanted to get it all back together again before I resurfaced in this arena. I was done in by the onion rings. Today, things change.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I’ve been out of it for a bit. It’s been at least half on purpose. Maybe a third...
Anyway, I’m convinced that there is nothing better than the holiday season to spoil routine. It’s like the whole country just takes two weeks off from normal. I went into this season with some purposeful intentions. The first was to indulge a little. In my experience any discipline that lacks freedom can quickly do two things...become very legalistic (and judgemental) and fail. I wanted to avoid that, so I allowed some freedom, knowing that few of the parties and shin-digs that I would attend would allow me to eat the way I’ve been trying to eat. The second intention was to be smart and not go crazy. Freedom is one thing...but I feared that should I just go nuts and start eating all of the stuff in front of me in large quantities (which, make no mistake, is exactly what I wanted to do) it would potentially derail me to a place I couldn’t recover from.

I’m happy to report that, by-and-large, it was a success. I managed to avoid most (though not all) of the pizza and cookies and chocolate and (insert here) that was offered. I tired to limit my indulgences to things that were as unprocessed as possible (lots of cheese, bacon, homemade breads, etc.) and as often as I could, I brought some of my ‘weird’ food to the party to share. There weren’t a lot of takers...

So...because I am a glutton for punishment (and, let’s face it, a glutton in general)...I am now preparing to depart on a cruise with my family. If you’re not familier with cruises, food is sort of one of the main events. I’m going into this with the same attitude I went into Christmas time with. Eat and enjoy...but don’t be stupid. As I enjoyed some indulgences over the holidays, I noticed a distinct regression in how I felt, physically. This was encouraging to my original goal of this project, which was to see if I would feel better (in any or all areas of my being) by eating in a way more consistent to how I was designed. It appears that I am, in fact, feeling better. On days or nights when I strayed, I slept much worse, had much less energy and was generally grumpier. All good reasons to stay on course...So again, the cruise. The goal is to eat healthy whole foods for breakfast and lunch (I’m sure there will be a few exceptions) and enjoy the culinary delights of dinner with a bit more gusto. I don’t know how it will go...but I’ll let you know. This should be the last break in routine for a while, so upon my return I will be writing much more regular updates.
Happy January!